Hi there and welcome to Deldovacycles Hard Knocking made simple. This is just an information site for an HK you may own now.

Deldovacycles is a fully independent company that designs and manufactures aftermarket Parts for the 125/200cc Kikker 5150 HardKnock Bobber. Deldovacycles is your only source for the person looking for parts that will hold up to the vigor�s that a HardKnock can dish out. For the person who wants to ride there HardKnock with comfort, Style and Safety in mind then this is your one stop shop to keep your Hardknock Knocking for miles to Come.

My full line of parts is something I needed to keep my own HardKnock Knocking so I did not have to wrench, ride and repeat at every corner. All parts are manufactured right here in the USA for the best in craftsmanship. Special request and one off parts are all welcome if you do not see something you like or have a special project you are working on.

Contact: Joseph Cordova 1-209-617-3012 deldovacycles@gmail.com

CLOSED!!! CLOSED!! I am NOT Manufacturing any more parts for any HK any more. THIS is just an INFORMATIOIN Site now.